Security Features in a Casino

Ordinarily a casino is likely to get a lot of cash in a day’s earnings, this means that crime and other vices such as theft and cheating are often not very far behind. In order to ensure the security of both staff and patrons as well as the security of the revenues gained in the course of the game casinos engage in elaborate measures to keep off such vices.

Most of them install cameras strategically placed around and within the facilities while they may also use other security features in order to guarantee that they don’t become a soft spot for thugs. Casinos are known to be some of the most secured premises apart from financial institutions. Apart from the patrol personnel they also have an elite squad which closely monitors the closed circuit cameras ready to respond to any situation that may arise in such circumstances.

Each security department is supposed to correspond with the other so that they are able to respond appropriately whenever a situation that is deemed as threatening arises. Some of the facilities go to an extent of establishing a roof walk way which allows security personnel to look down on the patrons so as to monitor everything transpiring on the machines and the gambling tables.

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