5 Things You Didn’t Know About Slots’ Progressive Jackpots

Regardless of whether you are an experienced gambler or you just started playing slots, you probably know that the biggest prize of the game is winning the progressive jackpot. The top prize in this case refers to a situation when the value of the jackpot gradually increases by a small amount until you hit the actual jackpot. Sometimes, casinos link several machines together to form the progressive jackpot, which in fact accumulates faster since multiple players keep pumping coins into the machinery.

While some players might think they can win the prize with special tricks and systems, keep in mind that everything in this game is determined by the random number generator of the machine. Because the machine generates random numbers continuously, it means that irrespective of who sits down to spin the reels they’re chances of winning and losing are arbitrary. Let’s go over the tough realities of casino slot machine play.

1. Casinos can refuse the payout

In the event that you hit the jackpot and it is determined that the winning is due to a machine error, then the casino can – and in almost all cases will – refuse to give you the payout. Therefore, inspect the slot machine you intend to use in order to see if everything is in order and fully functional. In case the machine is not in working order and you really want that one, inform the maintenance department.

2. You have better odds of winning if you play at a single machine

Some players believe that they can beat the odds and win if they play faster or if they spin the reels of multiple machines. However, the only thing they obtain from this practice is losing more cash in a shorter period of time. In general, hitting the progressive jackpot is already hard when you are using a single machine and the chances of winning are not influenced by the number of spins you make.

3. There is always a machine that is handling out losses

Let’s assume that you walk in a casino during the rush hour and you notice all slot machines are occupied with a single exception. If you notice a machine is being shunned by other players, then there is a chance it is the one that has been set to handle out losses. You can still try your luck at that unit, but walk away as soon as you notice another free slot machine.

4. The best machines in the casino

In case you played a while and you won frequently, then congratulations are in order. You have found the best slot machine in the casino! If you haven’t exhausted your bankroll yet, then keep playing because there is a higher chance striking of a progressive jackpot in the near future.

5. The “loosest” machines award the best payouts

Finding the “loosest” machines is pure accidental, so there’s really no point to start searching for them when you’re at the casino. The only people who can tell you their locations are the casino executives, so rest assured they won’t divulge this piece of information.

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