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Which Sites Offer Quality Slots Games for Android?

Online casino sites are very popular and the biggest type of casino game amongst those who use them is the slots. People enjoy slots games because they are fast, fun and easy to play – so it is not surprising that, with the advance of mobile technologies like the Android operating system, and the rise of mobile casino websites, more slots games than ever are being produced for cutting edge, Android powered mobile devices. The ever increasing number of sites offering Android slots games can make picking out the good from the bad and the ugly a bit more difficult so here are a couple of the best sites for quality Android slots.

Jackpot City

This site has built up a strong reputation for being quick to pay out when you win, and providing a generally fine standard of customer service – both of which are crucial whether you are playing on an Android phone or not – but it also offers advantages distinct to Android users. The main one is simply the sheer range and number of slots games that it has for downloading to an Android phone, which puts it ahead of most competitors in terms of quantity alone.

GoWild Casino

If you want to be able to play some of the most famous online slots games – such as Thunderstruck – on your Android phone then the GoWild Casino is the best site to visit for this. The site also offers a really impressive initial bonus of £1000 that should tempt any new player – which many slots players are – to give it a whirl.

These sites both offer great slots games for Android, but in general if you want to get the very best quality, most exciting Android slots games you may need to consider switching from free-download games to paid ones. The payment involved is generally pretty low, and in return the apps usually feature fewer glitches and bugs as well as more features – such as tips on how to play the slots to win.

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