How to Play Keno Slot Machines

Keno is one of the most interesting games resembling Lotto. It had originated from China a few centuries ago. Chinese had introduced the Keno during the middle of Eighteenth Century when they immigrated to the United States. The game became popular in very short time due to its ease of playing and high percentage of winning probabilities. With very smaller amount of bets, anyone could easily win bigger cash. The game is played with 80 characters. The concept remains the same but the characters of the game were changed in the US. Chinese characters were used in the original game, which has been replaced with Arabic numerals. So, how should you play keno slot machines?

After inserting money into the slot machines, the players should choose the suitable denomination that matches with their budget. Some of the machines offer only a couple of gambling amounts, whereas other machines offer multiple gambling amounts. The options offered by the machine are displayed on the screen. If you are provided with minimal options, say a couple of numbers to pick, you will be winning minimal amounts like 25 cents, 50 cents, etc. when you hit both the numbers. On the other hand, when you play a Keno slot machine with 10 or 12 numbers, you have great chances to win a huge amount of $25,000 or so, when you hit 12 out of 12.

You have to pick the numbers from the list of 80 characters available on the screen. You can choose each character by touching it. If you touch a wrong character or need to change the selected character, you have the facility to erase the character that you have already picked.

After picking the desired characters or numbers, you have to hit the start button. The Keno slot machine randomly picks the numbers and if your selection matches with the randomly selected number, you can cash out the amount won or add it to your account to continue the play.

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